In the following article is the info to integrate Twist with third parties

A. Integration of purchase invoices, sales pre-invoices and work orders from Twist to an external application. Download here: Link with API information.

To get:

Sales invoice XML: you must change ":id" to the "id" number of the invoice created in twist.

Purchase invoice XML: you must change ":id" to the "id" number of the invoice entered.

XML work order: you must change ":id" to the "OT" number of twist

A CLIENT_API_CODE provided by TwistPrint is required. The variable CLIENT_URL is considered as the url of each client, for example

For testing use:

CLIENT_API_CODE: lKmdhujo33jmalueHJmldhj322gn9dhkj45hm


Credentials: user: 12345678 , password: 12345678


To rescue XML from the TO

To retrieve FT purchase list

To retrieve FT of purchase of services

For sales pre-invoices

B. Integration of order notes (inventory increase and decrease vouchers), click this link: purchase_orders_documentation

API useful to: read order notes entered in twist and write (from third parties) incoming or outgoing order notes in twist.


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