Twist Print allows you to manage your deliveries, whether total or partial and to automate parts of the process.

Remember that when you accept the quotation, you will be asked for the delivery date(s), which must be confirmed again when you indicate your approval to enter production.

Once the order has been processed and delivered, you must go to Deliveries > Click on the traffic lights and then download into the pop up that contains the delivery data. There you can register each of the deliveries made and the date on which they were made.

In order for a job to go from the status "Dispatch Guide" to "Invoicing" automatically, the following requirements must be met:

  • The quantity reported as delivered must be equal to the total quantity of product sold.

  • The date on which each delivery was made must be selected.

  • Register the number and date of the document.

NOTE: If an order is registered with the invoice number and date but it is not reported that it was 100% delivered, then it will remain in "dispatch guide" status. In addition, it will not be counted as delivered and will appear as a delayed order.

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