Understanding how you calculate the weight of an order is important in order to be able to configure and use the service that allows you to charge per kg.

The result of the calculation only considers the weight of the paper that will actually be delivered to the customer. It does not consider the weight of the surplus or surplus for the set up nor the paper that is left over in the sheets produced by the imposition.

In the example below we have:

Part 1:
4 (repetitions) x 0.06237 (area) x 500 (sheets) x 0.150 (grammage) = 18.71 Kgs

Part 2:
8 (repetitions) x 0.06237 (area) x 2250 (sheets) x 0.115 (grammage) = 129.10 Kgs

Total weight = 147.82

For all orders, it is possible to check the weight of the same from the work order, as indicated:

In addition, it is possible to configure weight-related services in this way:

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