How does the stock of a material increase? 

Generating an order note type labelled "Normal" or "Warehouse entry."

The stock will increase only when the order form is marked "finished."

When a purchase order is completed (date and invoice amount entered), then all order notes contained in the order note are also completed, this increases the inventory. 

How does the stock of a material decrease?
Here are 2 cases:

Case 1:
Paper (substrate): these will be discounted automatically once the work order leaves the "cut press" state (if the job requires cutting) or "press," if otherwise.

Plates: these will be deducted from stock once the work leaves the "Assembly" state and onwards.

NOTE 1: In the case of roll machines, the value to be deducted will depend on what is reported by the user. 

NOTE 2: When prepress operators report consumption of "plates," there is a special button for it.

Case 2:
All the rest of the inputs will be discounted by clicking on the supermarket cart that appears in each of the views. That is to say, the consumption here is not automatic but reported by the operators.

In the case of an active work order (working), the discount will be associated with this work order automatically. 

ALERT: All the costing is not done in function of the purchases but on the basis of  consumption!

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