Twist Print has a strategy to simplify the management of how different customers map to salespeople. It is important that you know certain rules, so that you know which users can access which sets of customer data.

To begin with, we will check that in - Configurations - Customers -, we can find a table with the different contacts of a client and the related salesperson or salespeople.

The following rules apply:

  • Users Profile Manager and Super Users can view all contacts.

  • If a salesperson creates a new customer with their respective contact, the latter will be automatically assigned to the person who created it. Other vendors will not have access.

  • When generating a quote, a salesperson can see all the customer names, but can only see the customer contacts assigned to him/her.

  • It is possible that the same customer might have some contacts assigned to one salesperson and other contacts to another salesperson. The person who creates the contact is auto-assigned to his or her name. Twist Print will not allow you to create the same contact with the same e-mail address twice.

  • A Manager or Super User profile can manually change the vendor assignment directly from a customer's file. In addition, you can select a second related vendor or even let a contact be "Free".

NOTE: If a contact is set to "Free", all users who have access to customer views will be able to view it.

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