It is possible to group quotes to generate a single PDF with multiple products and also accept or reject quotes as a group. 

To start, from Sales > Estimate Overview click on the "boxes" filter icon. Then select with a checkbox those that you want to join and choose between "accept," "reject," "download PDF" or send directly by e-mail.

After it is generated, you can see that the jobs that were entered with this system will be marked with an "M," for "multiple." It is possible to click on this icon to see all related orders.

In the same way, different views of production and dispatch will show with the same "M" the quality of the orders, so that the whole chain has knowledge that there are orders that behave that way.

When a multiple quotation has been generated and you want to be able to generate the PDF again, you must accept them as a whole or add or remove quotations from the group. To do this, select filter icon "boxes" and then click on the "pencil" to edit.

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