First, we will review the difference between cost and price:

There are two ways to charge by price, and they are configured when editing the machine: "Discrete Price Scale" or "Continuous Price Scale".

Discrete charging:
calculation table of discrete charging to different amounts of clicks to process according to the stretch in which it is.

Continuous calculation: table of calculation of collection according to continuous price to different quantity to click to process.

Comparative of both models 

In short, depending on how we configure (discrete or continuous), we will have a different final click price. 

Once we understand the difference between the two models, let's analyze the total cost of the work. 

Both the printing cost and the machine hour cost when we charge "per click", are only informative data and are not transmitted to the client.

Regarding the costs we have:

Do you simply prefer to charge cost + mg?

It is also possible. You must remove the check from "Price per click", and with that, the system will charge (cost click + machine time) + margin.

Next to the first column field, "Click" has a circular date, and when you click it you can set a different click per color and black, or simply one click for each color printed (similar to conventional printing).

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