In order to speed up the onboarding process, Twist Print comes preloaded with the most common products in the graphics industry. However, if you need to edit or create new products, it is a very simple process. Remember, always try to keep the number of products to a minimum, as this will allow you to have important statistical information that will help increase your sales.

1.- Code

2.- Name

3.- Family: Flat and rotary | Industrial roll | Large format | Rigid packaging.

4.- Sku type: 

·Generic: For products that are not required to generate a SKU library. E.g.: advertising products such as flyers, catalogs, magazines, etc.

·By subjects: a SKU library will be generated, to be able to enter new orders from a SKU. e.g. labels or packaging.

5.- Notes: You can configure notes in the work order. There will be notes by default if you write something between two **. Ex: **Packaging in bundles of 100 units.**

6.- Finishing time: time in seconds per unit that was taken to carry out quality control and packing.

7.- Points that the finishing team will accumulate for processing the order. 

8.- Quoted by default: you can choose the quotation form of a product to show it by default.

9.- Extra paper waste: quantity of extra final products to be manufactured in addition to the surplus policy configured by default.

10.- Tax percentage: cases in which a product has a surcharge for specific taxes.

11.- General cost %: you can configure it to charge a percentage of the direct cost of the order. This generates a simplified model of the cost of processing a particular product. If it is 0% you will not be charged.

12.- Requires inspection: select the checkbox so that the product passes through the "revision" state before the "dispatch" state.

13.- It is possible to assign them to the products that by default have a selected service. Ex: Folder > die service.

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