When entering your URL, add /confs/import at the end. Example: yourprint.twistsoftware.com/confs/import
Click on the yellow "Download Format" button, modify what you require, and then import the same to Excel.

You can create, modify or delete materials, cuts, suppliers (coming soon) and customers (coming soon).

To modify a line, you must indicate in the Excel what type of operation you want to do: 

Neutral: do nothing.

Modify: change the name, code, etc.

Inactivate: delete.

Read the instructions in the first tab of Excel, and consult with support if you have doubts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you create substrates in sheets, you must specify the required cuts indicating that you want to "create automatic cuts", then you must enter your minimum tolerated format and maximum number of cuts per sheet.

What does the system come pre-loaded with?

The system comes pre-loaded with base materials by country and market:

Chile-commercial, Chile-pliego, Chile-flexo, Chile-WF, Chile_packaging.

How does the integration of materials with Antalis work?

In the last part of Excel, you can configure the automatic purchase of inputs.

  • Square to (multiples of): increase the quantity to buy, to square it to a quantity desired by the user.

  • Convert: divide the quantity required by this value to send the purchase order to Antalis (convert, for example, from sheets to reams, dividing by 250).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Twist obligatorily counts the paper in sheets and the rolls in m2, so if Antalis sells one input per roll, you must convert the units from m2 to roll.

What about mass machine loading?

It is not possible to mass load the machines. Each customer can make his own spreadsheet to characterize a machine, and then with that data, populate directly to Twist.

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