Before starting the implementation process, it is necessary to review some important things. Please read the document completely with maximum care and detention.


The following information is required to open the account:

  • Company name: 

  • Fantasy name:

  • Name of main contact(s):

  • Contact's cell phone:

  • E-mail contacts:

  • E-mail to configure emails from Twist. Suggested:

  • E-mail password for Twist:

  • E-mail provider: Gmail, Outlook, Webmail, etc.:

  • Activity: public commercial, cardboard packaging, large format, roll to roll - flexo, quick print (please delete the categories that your company does not participate in)

  • Customer codes / Token QAS / Token PRO: This point only applies to certain markets and distributors.

NOTE 1: The account comes preloaded with the most common materials used in your market and some example machines from your segment.

NOTE 2: once we receive this data your account will be opened within 3 working days.

What do I do now? 

We must coordinate a 1 hour pre-implementation meeting where we will explain the steps to follow and the responsibilities of each party to lead this process successfully. 

The meeting can be physically or by conference according to your preference.

Conference: we will send you a link that you must follow to connect. No software installation is required. Please try to be in a place with a good connection and have a microphone and camera available.

We will meet physically at a place and date to be agreed upon.

Which option is recommended?

We are fans of digitalization and the speed that new technologies allow, for this reason we suggest you take the digital option. Meeting via conference we have immediate availability vs. face-to-face we have 2 weeks waiting.

Once your account is opened, you will receive a confirmation email, asking which meeting format you would prefer and dates/hr attempts, please answer that email to be coordinated.

What will we talk about at the meeting?

We will tell you why it is convenient to divide the implementation process into 2 phases.

Phase 1, commercial: use and configuration of the quotation until a work order is issued.

Phase 2, operational: production planning / purchasing / partial dispatch control / floor control / extras.

In this meeting we must schedule for Phase 1:

1.- Date of pre induction training (digital meeting of 1 hr duration).
2.- Date of implementation (physical meeting of 8 hr duration). 

NOTE: pre-site information must be available one week before the scheduled date, otherwise meeting is postponed.

3.- Date of 4 weekly control and follow-up meetings after implementation.

At the last follow-up meeting, a date for operational implementation (phase 2) will be scheduled. Meeting of 4 hours physical in plant.

The time is running, please send us the data as soon as possible to start the digital transformation of your company!

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