First you must define the machine type as "normal" and "internal."

Termination: with the button "+" you can add the services that this machine offers in line (varnish, uv serigraphic, die, etc), normally used in the case of flexo.

Colors: cost of passing a sheet (or a development) through a printing body. 

Color limit: maximum amount of colors that can be quoted on this machine.

Number of bodies: number of printing bodies.Inverter colors: serves to indicate in which part of the machine the inverter is located, if there is one.

Minimum run inverter: minimum number of sheets from which the inverter is activated.

Varnish IL: varnishes offered by the machine.

Set up: cost of the set up of the varnish (for the consumption of blankets or other input that is required).

Cost: cost of passing an average sheet (or development) with that varnish.

Color: to determine whether or not it occupies a printing body (if there is an active "color limit," then it serves to limit the maximum number of colors).

Plate: whether or  not it occupies the base matrix (only one for all the work) to put the varnish (polymer or plate).

NOTE: if a varnish is put in another machine then it must be configured as a service.

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